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What to do in different lockout situations

Have you ever wondered why there are so many locksmith shops? Every town has one or more; some have dozens! Here in Kennesaw, GA we are part of the giant Atlanta – Marietta metropolis and there are scores of locksmiths serving the general public. Why so many? Truth be told; lockouts are a big part of the reason. It’s not always the other person that finds himself on the wrong side of a locked door. It happens to most all of us at some point. Getting locked out of your home, car, office, store or even bathroom is easy to do; just have a momentary lapse in attention and you’ll see! You may be thinking of where you are going for lunch later or what to get for your daughter’s birthday gift. Before you know it, the locked door closes behind you and leaves you stranded, confused and annoyed with yourself! Here at Kennesaw Locksmith GA we get requests for lockout assistance on a regular basis and one thing we’ve learned from these service calls is that the customer needs to first of all, get and stay calm. Getting upset does nothing to help the situation whether you call for a locksmith, or not.

Who’s at fault?

Okay, you just locked yourself out of your car’s trunk and you really need to access the luggage inside of it. Your mind is racing; just whose fault is this? Is it yours? Were you not paying attention? Is it your spouse’s? Maybe he or she was talking too much and distracting you to the point where you locked the keys inside. Was it the radio that was playing that awful music that your daughter likes? Or, was it the fact that her flight was leaving early and you were too rushed to get her on board? Here’s the simple truth; it doesn’t matter whose fault it was. Get over it and calm yourself. A clear mind gets better and faster results and in the case of lockouts, it is especially true.

Home lockouts

Lockouts at your residence can happen because you are home and your “guard” is down. You may be going out for the newspaper, recently thrown onto your lawn, or maybe you are taking the dog for a walk and got distracted while talking to him. Before you know it the door closes and locks behind you. Often, there are others in the house that can let you back inside, but what if this time there aren’t? Or, what if the ones still inside are toddlers or another pet?

Auto lockouts

One of the most common forms of accidental lockouts involves your car. Whereas at home, you are relaxed and your guard is down; your car is another matter! Here you are accosted by road signs, pedestrians, other drivers, radio, passengers, traffic lights, billboards and so much more. You also have your destination in mind and many other details. It’s so easy to lock your keys in the ignition or trunk and suddenly find yourself thrown completely off kilter.

Commercial lockouts

Business lockouts are an equal opportunity disaster. Owners, customers, vendors, staff and clients can all find themselves locked out of bathrooms, offices, stores, hotel rooms, storage facilities, break rooms and more. Sometimes a manager is on-site to let you back in, but more often than not, there is no one to call, and many firms stay open late or even all night making the situation even more dramatic.

Spare keys; are they worth it?

It’s an age old question; are spare keys a good idea? The answer may be frustrating; that depends on you! Like other things; spare keys have their pros and cons to consider. For instance, making a spare key from a worn, older key is a bad idea as you can actually wear out your lock by using it. Always try and use an original key when making a spare. Hiding a spare key is a good idea for lockouts but when the hiding place is obvious and known to others it can make your problem worse! Never hide a key under the doormat or in the flower pot by on the porch! On top of door sills is also a bad idea. Be creative and don’t forget where you put the key! Inside rain gutters or inside BBQ grills in the backyard are good alternatives. Some purses and wallets have places where a spare key can hide. We’ve seen smart phone cases where a spare key could fit. Again, be creative and be discreet.

Whom do you trust?

The question often comes up; should you give a spare key to a friend, neighbor, family member, roommate or co-worker? Again, that depends. Do you trust that person? Do you have their telephone number logged in your smart phone? Will they mind if you call them after-hours, on weekends or on holidays, if needed? One big advantage of having the buddy system for spare keys is that often you can stay on the phone with them while they bring you the key. This not only helps relieve stress, but it adds a bit of “witness” protection in the event that you are in any kind of danger. An example of this would be calling a friend to bring you a spare ignition key while you are locked out of your car in a not-so-good neighborhood. If you are in any way accosted, robbed or experience any difficulties, the other person on the phone is able to call for help or be an audio witness to your situation.

Be proactive

You can find a lockout specialist and add his or her telephone number to your cell phone; just in case it’s ever needed. Add our locksmith shop or one that you trust and have worked with before. Just make sure 24-hour lockout assistance is offered at an affordable rate and with fast response times. If spare keys or calling your neighbor don’t appeal to you, you can always rely on the pros to do what they do best!