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Locksmith Kennesaw GA – When To Replace Locks

Locks come in all shapes and sizes. Some offer more protection than others, some are better designed to work outside or inside and some are expensive than others. But, there is one thing that is true about all locks- they are not made to last forever.

Since all locks are not made of the same type of materials, it is natural that some locks will be able to give more years of service than others. When you think it is time for you to replace those locks, make sure you call on the expertise of Locksmith Kennesaw GA once you live in Kennesaw.

So, how will you know when it is time to replace those locks? Stick around and keep reading.

Signs That Indicate When It Is Time to Replace Your Locks

  • Stuck key

If having a stuck key is not a clear sign, we don’t know what is. When your key gets stuck in the lock, it means that there is some damage to the locking mechanism in the lock. To prevent a reoccurrence, it is highly recommended that you just change your lock and key system. You don’t have to necessarily replace the broken lock with the same type or style lock, but you can. That is really up to you. If your key gets stuck, do not try to tug it out of the lock. You may just break it and escalate the problem.

  • Rust

You can still get a fair amount of use from locks that are rusting, especially if you grease them. However, once you see signs of rust, it is time for you to start looking for locks to replace that one. A rusty lock is a disaster waiting to happen. We are sure that you do not want to get locked out because your lock won’t open with the key. Make sure you replace that rusty lock before it causes you any trouble.

  • Lost keys

Having to find out that you have just lost your keys is a very frustrating and sometimes overwhelming experience. On some occasions, it may mean that you have just lost access to your home, car and even your business. As sad as it is, once this happens, the best thing to do is replace your locks. This is especially important if you think that it may be in the hands of someone who knows where you live etc. The sooner you replace those locks, the sooner you will feel safer.

  • Damage to the lock

Damaged locks are no joke. Once a lock is damaged it may not work as well as before. This is even more true if it was damaged because of a break-in. Try to replace that lock as soon as possible. The longer you keep it on your property, the longer you leave yourself vulnerable to a security threat. If you think that the lock is not damaged badly and still can work, make sure you consult a locksmith to verify your thoughts.

  • Upgrades

Not everyone will be able to have the most current lock hardware or security systems. Some people are just not very tech-savvy. Others may not be able to afford the upgrade. But, once you decide to upgrade your current lock hardware, it may include replacing some of the current locks that you have in place. Even if you are not upgrading to a high-tech system, you may need to replace some locks if you are upgrading your lock hardware. Keep this in mind before you make that final decision to upgrade.

  • Peace of mind

You don’t have to see signs of wear and tear on your locks to decide that you want to replace them. If you feel uncomfortable with the locks that are installed on your property, you can go right ahead and replace them. There is no rule about locks that would prevent you from doing so. Your peace of mind is worth it. Don’t sit around wondering if your locks are safe enough when you can simply have them replaced with locks that you are much more comfortable with. If you so desire, you can change your locks as regularly as you please. It may actually be a good practice and prevent you from having to deal with stuck or broken key.

  • New house or apartment

The general rule of thumb regarding locks and a new home is that you replace the locks on your new home as soon as possible. Why? Well, you never know who has the keys to the old locks on your home. You may just be sitting at home one day and see someone come inside using a key they had received from the previous owner. We’re sure you don’t want to experience that. Try to at least replace the locks on the entrance doors. You can always leave the others or change them over time.

  • A relationship ended

Break ups are not usually the most pleasant experiences that life has to offer. Likewise, some friendships may end on a bad note. If you have just terminated any relationship that you had with someone, but they still have a copy of your keys, it just might be a good idea to replace those locks. We’re sure you don’t want those persons to access your property when you are not aware. Call a locksmith company and request a technician to replace those locks for you.

Are you one of those persons who is always trying to be handy? You may be able to replace your locks without professional help. However, this is not a wise idea. You may think you have done a good job, but those locks may fail in a short time because they really were not installed correctly. Whenever you have lock concerns, it is wise to let the professionals handle it. If you live in Kennesaw or close by, the best thing for you to do is call Locksmith Kennesaw GA. We have locksmiths that can handle just about any lock problem that you may be facing. If you live further away, find a good locksmith in your area to give you the service that you need.